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Welcome to XC360 EA

XC360 Kenya delivers comprehensive and effective Cloud services and back up in Nairobi, Kenya and professional IT Solutions to organisations looking for unparalleled expertise, cutting edge technology and unrivalled service.

Our unique suite of customer centric services and technical excellence have, since 1997, provided businesses around the world with growth, reliability and the essential edge to succeed in an ever demanding marketplace.

Our highly qualified local experts understand your business and ensure your IT systems are healthy and operational, whilst also working to make sure your systems are secure, your workforce are connected, your operations are efficient and your business goals realised.

XC360 Kenya’s local knowledge, technology expertise and professionalism work hand in hand with its UK headquarters to deliver outstanding solutions and customer service that is proven to help your business flourish.

Any IT company can say:

  • That they are proactive, but do they actually identify and resolve your IT issues before it causes you havoc?
  • That they will support you – but will they be there when you really need them, working all hours to keep your business functioning?
  • They have your best interests at heart – but have they spent 20 years working with partners to deliver cost effective enterprise solutions that meet your businesses budgets whilst also delivering solutions that sit at the forefront of technology advancements?
  • They are professional, but do they have the accreditations to prove it?
  • That they will take all your headaches away – but do they actually get involved and take responsibility without passing the buck for each component of your business technology needs?

XC360 – technology that redefines services focused on delivering business growth.

Cloud services and back up in Nairobi Kenya

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